About Us

Our History

About the club

Natalie Arundel, founder of Energise Aerobics started in 2010.  Nat always makes quite the impression at competitions with incredible results and several teams making it to National level.

We always aim to provide a positive environment for our coaches and athletes by encouraging all members of the Energise community to respect the important role of each individual coach and team member.

Our Philosophy

Expert coaching

Provide expert coaching in correct techniques through positive reinforcement, which in turn promotes self-esteem.

Safe environment

Provide a safe environment for learning/practising the sport of aerobics.


Create a positive atmosphere which values enthusiasm and develops confidence so all athletes have a true sense of achievement.


Foster Creativity, Confidence, Excellence & Resilience, as well as nurturing friendships.


Actively encourage both individual and team commitment and the importance of commitment in training sessions and practising at home.


Encourage mutual respect between coaches and athletes whilst also considering each athlete’s individual talents and needs.

expert COACHES and Mentors

Our Coaches for 2020

Head Coach

Natalie Arundel

Natalie is our supportive and dedicated head coach. She has been coaching aerobics for over 15 years and is passionate about helping athletes achieve their goals.


Courtney Meredith

Courtney is an enthusiastic and talented aerobics coach. Courtney has a background in teaching and has been with Energise Aerobics for over 7 years.


Eboni Miriklis

Eboni is an enthusiastic and talented aerobics athlete and coach. Eboni has been competing in aerobics for over 10 years and she’s been a well-respected coach for 6 years.


Ella Smith

Ella is a passionate and dedicated athlete and coach. She has been competing for over 10 years and been part of our coaching team for the past 6 years.


Miranda Hardenberg

Miranda is an enthusiastic and talented aerobics coach. Miranda  has a background in dancing and teaching and has been with Energise Aerobics for around 3 years.


Emma Costello

Emma has been with us for 9 years and competed in Nationals 4 times! She is very excited to compete again this year and join the coaching team for the first time. She loves to watch the younger teams grow in skill and confidence whilst learning the coaching ropes.